Create transcriptions for every meeting

Before each meeting, create a new transcription, and input all the attendees. Start recording when the meeting starts, then save your transcriptions.
All attendees will be able to see the meeting transcription when they log into Scriber. No longer need to have a dedicated minutes taker for every meeting.

Browse past transcriptions with ease. Listen back in with a touch!

Keep track of your transcriptions and browse through them by date. All transcriptions can be selected and edited.

All messages are timestamped relative to the start of the transcription. Speakers are assigned and attendees can also view the transcription. Additionally, audio playback at certain portions of the transcript are available with just a touch. Pick the message you wish to here again, and touch to playback that particular message in time.

Keep track of meetings

Scriber lets you keep a record of all meetings at your fingertips.

Save Import Meetings

Accurately record all meetings and link all attendees together.

Instantaneous Playback

Hear portions of the meeting just by selecting the message you wish to hear.

Powered by IBM Watson

Scriber records meetings and uses IBM Watson to provide fast, transcriptions.

Never Forget a Meeting Again

You and your coworkers will have a log of all your meeting transcriptions.